Pioneering Scalable Single Cell RNA Sequencing: A Partnership Announced with Fluent BioSciences and Singular Genomics®

Fluent BioSciences, a cutting-edge life science company transforming single cell analysis through simple, cost-effective, and highly scalable single-cell RNA sequencing solutions, is excited to announce a partnership with Singular Genomics, a company leveraging novel next-generation sequencing (NGS) and multiomics technologies to empower researchers and clinicians. Together, they unveil the compatibility of PIPseq™ Single Cell RNA Kits with sequencing on the Singular Genomics G4® Sequencing Platform.

PIPseq empowers researchers to choose the scale of their single-cell RNA sequencing experiments, from 2,000 to 100,000 cells captured per sample, without the need for microfluidics or costly instrumentation. PIPseq reactions offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing for individual or batch processing, making it an ideal choice for sporadic sample availability, complex time-course studies, or remote sample processing in less-than-ideal laboratory environments.

Complimenting PIPseq’s innovation, the Singular Genomics G4 Sequencing Platform sets a new standard in benchtop sequencing. By combining cutting-edge 4-color Rapid sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry with advanced engineering, the G4 Platform achieves single day turnaround times for a wide spectrum of applications. Its ability to run 1–4 flow cells in parallel, each featuring 4 independently addressable lanes, empowers laboratories to accommodate variable sample volumes and operate with maximum efficiency.

The integration of PIPseq sample preparation with the G4 Platform equips both seasoned and novice researchers with the essential tools for efficient, cost-effective, and scalable single cell analysis within any laboratory setting. An application note, available for reference, outlines the successful preparation and processing of human PBMCs in PIPseq T20 V4.0 and sequenced on the G4 Platform to give fast, high quality, and cost-efficient results.

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