Plant single-cell/nucleus RNA-seq workflow

Single-cell transcriptomics technologies allow researchers to investigate how individual cells, in complex multicellular organisms, differentially use their common genomic DNA. In plant biology, these technologies were recently applied to reveal the transcriptomes of various plant cells isolated from different organs and different species and in response to environmental stresses. These first studies support the potential of single-cell transcriptomics technology to decipher the biological function of plant cells, their developmental programs, cell-type-specific gene networks, programs controlling plant cell response to environmental stresses, etc. Researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln provide information regarding the critical steps and important information to consider when developing an experimental design in plant single-cell biology. The researchers also describe the current status of bioinformatics tools used to analyze single-cell RNA-seq datasets and how additional emerging technologies such as spatial transcriptomics and long-read sequencing technologies will provide additional information on the differential use of the genome by plant cells.

Thibivilliers S, Farmer A, Schroeder S, Libault M. (2022) Plant Single-Cell/Nucleus RNA-seq Workflow. Methods Mol Biol 2584:165-181. [abstract]

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