Post-doc Position Available – Mapping and Characterization of the RNA Epitranscriptome


National Cancer Institure, NIH, Bethesda, Center for Cancer Research


A post-doctoral position is available to study the regulation and impact of modified nucleosides in mRNA and ncRNA, with a particular focus on RNA methylation. A primary goal will be to develop tools to better map the locations of modified cytidines in distinct cellular conditions. A secondary goal will be to devise novel chemical biology strategies to interrogate both the enzymes that act on cytidine residues as well as their functional outcome.


Candidates must be strongly motivated, possess a Ph.D. or equivalent and have no more than one year of post-doctoral experience. Successful applicants should have a strong background in experimentation related to RNA chemistry and RNA biology. Candidates with experience in PAR-CLIP-seq and the bioinformatic analysis of RNA-seq data are especially encouraged to apply.

To Apply

This position will be co-mentored through the RNA biology laboratory of S. Oberdoerffer and the chemical biology laboratory of J. Meier. Interested individuals should send a statement of research interests, curriculum vitae including bibliography, and contact information for three references by email to both co-mentors:

Dr. Shalini Oberdoerffer
Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Regulation

Dr. Jordan Meier
Chemical Biology Laboratory

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