Post-doc Position Available – RNA Biology & Cancer Research

About The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine: Comprising 183,000 square feet of highly advanced, state-of-the-art laboratories and supporting facilities, JAX-GM is conveniently located midway between NYC and Boston in the heart of Connecticut’s growing bioscience industry. Our mission at JAX-GM is to discover the complex causes of disease, develop diagnostics and therapeutics, and ultimately empower the global medical community.

JAX-GM is part of an exciting, internationally-recognized research and educational institution with unparalleled genomic resources and research support services. Seeking to advance personalized medicine, we draw on the institution’s distinguished history and on the innovative expertise of our growing faculty, who are recruited from among the world’s top scientific labs and institutions.

About the position: We are looking for talented postdoctoral candidates interested in RNA biology and cancer research to join the lab of Dr. Olga Anczuków at JAX-GM. We investigate how misregulation of RNA splicing contributes to breast and ovarian cancer progression as well as drug resistance.

Our research uses large clinical datasets, 3D cell cultures, as well as patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models that recapitulate more closely the complexity and heterogeneity of the primary tumors. Our goals are (i) to uncover causal splicing alterations in metastatic and drug-resistant tumors; (ii) to define pathways that affect splicing regulation in normal and cancer cells, as well as during tissue development; and (iii) to identify splicing factors and splicing events which could be used as biomarkers to predict disease progression or drug-response, or as targets for RNA-based therapeutics. We are leveraging advances in next-generation RNA-sequencing to decipher the role of splicing alterations in cancer with the goal of developing novel therapeutic strategies for precision medicine.

For more, visit the Anczuków Lab online.


  • Lead projects and conduct experiments
  • May contribute to training of graduate students
  • Collaborate with other labs
  • Present research at conferences
  • Write manuscripts and contribute to grant writing


  • Highly self-motivated
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Ability to acquire new skills rapidly
  • Strong written and communication skills



  • Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree
  • First-authored publication(s) in peer reviewed journals with impact factor > 4
  • Background in molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry and/or genomics
  • Research experience in cancer or/and RNA biology


  • Research experience in computational biology
  • Research experience with next-generation sequencing
  • Research experience with mammalian cell culture

How to apply: Submit the following material as a single file with your online application:

  • Updated CV with education, research experience, publications list including impact factors and citations, and technical skills
  • Cover letter discussing your interest in this position and long-term career goals
  • Names and contact information for 3 professional references
  • Copy of the most relevant publication

In addition, JAX Postdoctoral Associates benefit from:

  • Research training and mentorship from award-winning faculty
  • Individualized career advising and a dedicated Postdoc Program Office
  • Superior scientific services and unparalleled mouse resources
  • A uniquely collaborative academic research environment
  • Guidance from JAX’s Postdoctoral Training Committee to help you succeed
  • Professional skills workshops including JAX’s holistic The Whole Scientist course
  • Free access to JAX’s world-renowned Courses & Conferences programs
  • Outstanding benefits and salary compensation above the NIH scale
  • Generous relocation assistance and free on-campus parking

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS:  Please include a cover letter along with your resume/CV. Applications without cover letters will not be considered. 

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