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Date posted 01/10/2018

Job Description

The Postdoctoral Scientist, Single Cell Genomics associate will play a key role within BD Technologies and Innovation (BDTI) at the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. We are currently seeking a high-potential individual with molecular biology, bioinformatics, and genomics skills who can work independently and within a team to contribute to the development of single cell genomics solutions for the evolving clinical applications for oncology and infectious disease.

The successful candidate will be an innovative molecular biologist with relevant life sciences background and demonstrated experience solving complex biological problems. Working as part of the Genomic Sciences R&D team, the candidate will be responsible for conducting and managing daily experiments involving rare cell characterization and isolation using flow cytometry and molecular analysis using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), and he/she will have excellent skills in the design and execution of experiments, maintaining technical data, data analysis and interpretation, and generating reports. The ideal candidate is expected to have a broad understanding of FACS hardware/software and familiarity with microfluidic platforms and workflow; specifically in acoustic focusing, and he/she is also expected to have hand-on experience in molecular biology techniques/technologies and familiarity with NGS platforms and workflow; specifically in RNA-seq. In a team environment, this position will also contribute in the development and applications of high-dimensional approaches for data analytics and bioinformatics to enable high resolution single cell analysis in healthy and diseased states. Key to achieving this will be the ability to work effectively across functions and sites and develop single cell RNA-seq pipeline with expertise in a broad-range of bioinformatics platforms including R coding. Working collaboratively with other team members of various backgrounds and skills, the successful candidate should have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to proactively identify and resolve experimental challenges and technical problems in order to complete aggressive program or business objectives.


  • Conduct cell culture, cell isolation from blood, and cell-based assays including imaging and flow cytometry
  • Adapt microfluidics based rare cell capture workflow onto FACS sorting instrument
  • Develop and apply novel approaches to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) library construction and quality assessment for RNA-Seq workflows, and design, execute and analyze RNA sequencing experiments
  • Execute single cell unique molecular indexing experiments using microfluidics or plate-based assay platforms
  • Develop and apply scRNA-seq pipeline and other bioinformatics tools for analysis and interpretation of single cell genomics data
  • Prepares procedures, write technical reports, publishes research papers, and makes recommendations based on their research findings
  • Communicate research results effectively within and outside of working group, and engage in collaborative efforts with academic and other external organizations
  • Prioritize tasks to ensure execution and completion of multiple, simultaneous projects under challenging timelines
  • Exercises and contributes to intellectual property and the scientific literature
  • Identify and keep current with technological advances in the field of molecular biology in general and single cell genomics in particular
  • Identify clinical unmet needs in oncology, and innovates novel concepts, approaches, and solutions for addressing those needs


  • Strong background in flow cytometry and in particular expertise with single cell index sorting and cell analysis using BD FACS instruments and software packages
  • Strong background in molecular biology techniques, such as qPCR, DNA and RNA sample preparation, and library prep for NGS. Experience with cloning, primer/probe design and DNA sequencing is preferred
  • Hands on experience performing DNA/RNA quality and quantity assessment utilizing Nanodrop, Agilent Bioanalyzer, Qubit and spectrophotometers
  • Strong background in RNA biology with knowledge for molecular beacons and other RNA detection methods in live cells
  • Working experience in Bioinformatics with knowledge in the Github versioning system and expertise in R coding (preferred R Markdown and ggplot2)
  • Experience with pipeline development for single cell transcriptomic analysis and ability to integrate R packages for flow cytometry analysis
  • Familiarity with spreadsheets, database programs, statistical analysis software tools, and electronic notebook recording
  • Ability to develop and meet project schedules, and effectively communicate via summary reports and presentations
  • Experience with discovery and validation of oncology protein biomarkers and in particular pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma


  • Recent Ph.D. graduate or within two years of graduation in Biology, Molecular Biology, Genomics, or related discipline.
  • Minimum of two years practical experience with assay development for flow cytometry and Next Gen Sequencing is required.

Primary Work Location

USA NC – Research Triangle Park

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