Post-doc Position Available – Single Neuron Transcriptomics and Brain Regulation of Hunger

Topic:  Single neuron transcriptomic analyses of brain regions regulating hunger, other homeostatic motivational drives, and physiology.

Laboratory:   Bradford B. Lowell MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts.   Lab website:

Candidates must have PhD, MD, or MD/PhD degrees.  Ideal candidates will have experience with RNA-seq, facility with statistics and analyses of big data sets, and be interested in neural circuits controlling homeostatic motivational drives and physiology.  Basic programming experience, though not strictly required, is preferred.

The Postdoc will work with a highly collaborative team that has state-of-the-art expertise in single neuron and nuclei transcriptomics (Drop-seq, sNuc-seq, etc.), bioinformatic analysis of single cell datasets to determine a “parts list” for each brain site (see Campbell JN, et al., Nat Neurosci, 2017), rapid CRISPR/Cas9-mediated generation of recombinase driver mice to provide experimental access to newly discovered “parts” (i.e. neurons), and finally state-of-the-art expertise in systems neuroscience including:  1) analysis of neural circuitry in mice, 2) manipulation of neural activity, in vivo, using optical and/or chemogenetic approaches, 3) monitoring of neural activity in vivo with Ca2+-based imaging and/or optetrode technologies, 4) brain slice electrophysiology, and 5) advanced viral technologies for circuit mapping, manipulation of gene expression and/or for altering neuronal activity.

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