Qlucore announces partnership with TATAA Biocenter

Qlucore, a leader in the development of bioinformatics software, has announced a partnership with TATAA Biocenter, the world´s premier organizer of hands-on training in molecular diagnostics and Europe´s leading provider of genomic services.

TATAA will use Qlucore’s Omics Explorer software when providing NGS data analyses for its clients and the program will also be used in TATAA Biocenter’s popular NGS training courses.

“We always seek collaboration with the best providers for our training courses and Qlucore is both a powerful and easy to use next-generation bioinformatics tool” says Kristina Lind, coordinator of TATAA Biocenter´s hands-on training program. “Our clients request professional support with the entire NGS workflow from sample preparation, quality control, library preparation, sequencing and data analysis,” says Ellen Hanson, head of TATAA Biocenter´s NGS services, “With Qlucore Omics Explorer we provide our clients access to the most powerful analyses methods and offer comprehensive data and statistical analyses based on the latest validated approaches.”

Carl-Johan Ivarsson, Qlucore President commented, “We are delighted to announce this partnership with TATAA Biocenter which will expand the reach and open up new opportunities for Qlucore Omics Explorer.” Qlucore Omics Explorer is unique in that it allows the actual researcher to study their own data and to look for patterns and structures, without the need to be an expert in computers or statistics.

About Qlucore

Qlucore was founded in early 2007 and the first product released was the “Qlucore Gene Expression Explorer 1.0”. The latest version of this software, now called Qlucore Omics Explorer, represents a major step forward with advanced statistics support, streamlined workflows for multiple data types, and a wide selection of presentation methods to aid the user. The presentation methods range from an innovative use of principal component analysis (PCA) to interactive heat maps and flexible scatter plots. All user action is at most two mouse clicks away. The company’s early customers are mainly from the Life-science and Biotech industries, but solutions for other industries are currently under development.

About TATAA Biocenter

TATAA Biocenter is world’s largest organizer of hands-on training in molecular analyses, Europe’s leading provider of nucleic acid analysis services, and Sweden’s most comprehensive distributor of products for nucleic acids analysis. TATAA Biocenter offers hands-on training in all aspects of molecular analyses and biomarker research and validation from experimental design, sample preparation, quality control, analysis and modelling. At its laboratories in Göteborg, Sweden, and Prague, Czech Republic, TATAA Biocenter provides contract research for a full range of nucleic acid and protein analyses services in compliance with ISO17025 standard. In 2013 TATAA was presented the Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership as Best-in-Class Services for Analyzing Genetic Material. For more information, see www.tataa.com or contact us on services@tataa.com

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