QuantSeq 3’mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit Adapted for Ion Torrent Users

Ion Torrent users can now also benefit from a fast, very strand-specific, and cost-effective library prep for sequencing of 3’ ends of the polyadenylated RNA.

Today Lexogen announced the official release of QuantSeq 3’mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit for Ion Torrent sequencing platforms.

This protocol retains exceptional characteristics of the first kit version for Illumina sequencing platforms and is offered with 24 barcodes for high degree of multiplexing. It works on as little as 5 ng of input total RNA, provides strand-specificty of >99.9%, and takes just 2 hours of hands-on time. Only one read per transcript is produced; therefore no length normalization is required. These make QuantSeq the best and the most cost-efficient alternative to microarrays and conventional RNA-Seq in gene expression and eQTL studies. Another important application of QuantSeq is in obtaining an accurate information about 3’UTR.

Learn more about QuantSeq 3’mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit on its product page.

Source – Lexogen