RAP: RNA-seq Pipeline web tool – tutorial 1: analysis submission and monitoring


RAP: RNA-Seq Analysis Pipeline

RNA-Seq technology is becoming widely used in various transcriptomics studies; however, analyzing and interpreting the RNA-Seq data face serious challenges due to transcriptome complexity.
A complete RNA-seq analysis involves several steps and the data can be investigated under many points of view (gene and transcript expression, differential expression, alternative splicing, polyA signals, fusion transcripts, etc.)
RAP is a web tool that performs a quite complete and customizable RNA-Seq pipeline and provides an easy and intuitive access through a web interface to intermediate and final results.
The main aim of RAP is to provide to users a RNA-Seq pipeline without any installation and IT requirements. The web interface provides an easy and intuitive access for data submission and a user-friendly browsing facility of results.
Users can access through RAP to several RNA-Seq algorithms, each integrated with other to maximize the overall quality and quantity of results.