RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kit enables removal of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) from human total RNA

Lexogen’s RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kit enables removal of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) from human total RNA and is suited for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications. Samples are treated using a set of affinity probes for specific depletion of rRNA sequences. Number and positioning of probes are designed for applicability towards intact as well as fragmented input RNA. RiboCop probes efficiently remove ribosomal RNA and therefore afford a comprehensive view of transcriptome composition. Samples void of 28S, 18S, 5.8S, 45S, 5S, mt16S, mt12S ribosomal sequences are obtained within 2 hours of total processing time. No enzymatic reactions or mechanical shearing steps are involved, leaving full-length transcripts intact for downstream processing.


  • Efficient elimination of rRNA
  • Simple workflow – no enzymatic reactions
  • Output ready for NGS library prep



Affinity probes and total RNA are mixed and denatured, facilitating access of probes to target sequences. Afterwards, hybridization is performed at elevated temperature. Depletion beads are conditioned and used to remove probes along with hybridized ribosomal RNA from solution. A final purification step using magnetic beads rounds off the procedure. Recovered RNA may be directly used for NGS library preparation, leaving enough material for optional quality control. RiboCop is offered in different kit sizes as a stand-alone kit as well as in combination with the SENSE Total RNASeq Library Prep Kit. The entire protocol is automation friendly by utilizing magnetic beads for depletion and purification purposes.

Source – Lexogen

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