RNA Assumes More Prominent Role

from Genetic Engineering News by Kathy Liszewski

Advances Unravel Complexities, Shed Light on Therapeutic Targets, and Move Molecule to Fore

RNA is beginning to take its place among the movers and shakers of biology. For decades, it was considered a background player in biology, a static carrier of genetic instructions from big daddy DNA. Now, however, RNA and its analysis are coming into the spotlight in an ever-expanding arena. New players bearing acronyms such as piRNA, siRNA, shRNA, and ncRNA are now regulars in scientific lexicons (and, perhaps more importantly, Wikipedia).

Emerging trends and new advances in the field are reviewed in this article, including revolutionary tools for transcriptomic analyses, deciphering how pathogens subvert immune systems, and new modeling methods to better delineate RNA structure/function. (read more… )