RNA-seq analysis 3 day workshop

Next date: 24.03.2014 – 26.03.2014.
Location: Oslo, Norway

This introductory level course is focused on experimental design, differential expression analysis and transcriptome assembly using R/Bioconductor and open-source tools. Hands-on analysis exercises will be based on real world data – bring your own data if you wish!

The number of participants will be limited to ensure a low student-teacher ratio. To register, use the form below or write to [email protected]

One day of preparatory self-study and three full days of classroom learning, covering:

  • Easy to understand introduction to the UNIX command line and basic scripting.
  • Introduction to RNA-Seq concepts and techniques.
  • Hands-on analysis of example data sets using state of the art analysis techniques in a powerful, online analysis environment
  • Differential expression analysis and transcriptome assembly using R/Bioconductor and the Tuxedo tools
  • Personalized training – bring your own data! A full day will be dedicated to customized analysis of real world data, ideally your own, and the online analysis environment used in the workshop will remain available to you for a period after the workshop.

Brief lectures will give insight into how knowledge can be generated from RNA-seq experiments through rational experimental design, and illustrate how to analyze such data. The focus is on active learning in computer exercises where you apply methods for quality assurance, mapping and assembly, visualization and statistical analysis of RNA-seq data under the guidance of the lecturers.

The fee is 1000 EUR, which includes written and online materials, lunch and refreshments, and all applicable taxes.

Pratical info
The venue of the workshop is Oslo Science Park, which is easily accessible from the airport and downtown Oslo and adjacent to the Oslo University Campus. Directions are here. Also see this Google map.

Most hotels located downtown Oslo are suitable, as there are several subway and tram lines between downtown and the Science Park. Suggested hotels are Thon Hotel Ullevaal Stadion which is one subway stop away, and Anker Hostel located downtown and easily accesible by tram line 17.

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