RNA-Seq and SCA Could Have a Huge Impact on Personalized Medicine

Analysis of the RNA-Seq and SCA Publication Landscape

from Genetic Engineering News by Enal Razvi, Ph.D. and Gary Oosta, Ph.D.

Select Biosciences performed an analysis on the RNA-Seq space—one of the exciting segments of the broader next-generation sequencing (NGS) space as it impacts single cell analysis (SCA). We analyzed the overall SCA field and identified publications focusing on RNA-Seq, which allows an insight into the transcriptome of cells in various physiological and pathological states.  We seek to frame this data into the big picture of the trajectory of RNA-Seq and SCA and their potential impact in personalized medicine.

Introduction and Research Methodology

RNA-Seq represents an expanding subset of the broader next-generation sequencing (NGS) marketplace, and there is growing interest in this space fueled by the potential of RNA-Seq to provide a window into the RNA compartment of the cell under different physiological and pathological situations. There is also growing interest in the RNA biomarker cargo derived from extracellular vesicles (EVs) as well as circulating RNA molecules that offer the potential for liquid biopsy development. SCA is an emerging discipline with a variety of applications and potential in-roads into the diagnostics realm.  Our goal was to understand the various segments of the SCA space in this study since we believe that SCA is a broad and amorphous space intersecting with NGS/RNA-Seq as a means to interrogate the genomic and transcriptomic content of individual cells.

Publications Trends in SCA and RNA-Seq

Given the large number of researchers involved in RNA-Seq, we analyzed the landscape of RNA-Seq via a bottom-up publications analysis as a means to identify trends that are emerging in the field. Furthermore, an en bloc publications analysis is critical to identifying small market segments that may eventually expand and dominate the field.  We performed a similar analysis on the SCA space.

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