RNA-Seq at PAG XXV this week

The International Plant & Animal Genomes conference is the largest ag-genomics meeting in the world.

PAG brings together over 3,000 leading genetic scientists and researchers in plant and animal research, and over 130 exhibits, 150 workshops, 1100  posters and over 1800 abstracts.

RNA-Seq is a major topic of interest at this conference and there are many, many scientific programs, workshops and posters detailing researcher’s and industry’s work in RNA-seq from all over the globe.

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM RNA-Seq, Simplified. Solutions for Every Sample.
Tuesday, Jan 17 2:30 PM

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM – RNA-SEQ Analysis of Fruit Ripening in 3 Clementine Varieties
Saturday, Jan 14 2:30 PM

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM – RNA-Seq Analyses Reveals High Frequency of Allele Specific Expression and No Evidence of Genomic Imprinting in Specific Embryonic Tissues of Chicken
Sunday, Jan 15 9:20 AM

ABSTRACT – W149 RNA-SEQ Analysis of Fruit Ripening in 3 Clementine Varieties

Over 200 more RNA-Seq workshops and Posters…

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