RNA-Seq Europe – Next Week – Dec 3-5

We think RNA-Seq is the future of transcriptomics. Do you?

Whatever your answer, this rapidly developing area has its hurdles; data management and analysis requirements, de novo transcript assembly and biological inference to name but a few.

RNA-Seq Europe puts you in front of the pioneers developing and applying the tools.

You might be looking for a comprehensive introduction to the field. Or wanting to hear detailed case studies that you can replicate. Whatever your motivations, RNA-Seq Europe is the perfect platform for you to discover the most innovative applications that you can put into operation months ahead of plan.

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Why should you attend this meeting? 

Ralph Schlapbach There’ll be more opportunities than anywhere else to network and collaborate with industry and academic genomics experts from all over Europe, such as EPFL, TRON and Boeheringer IngelheimRalph Schlapbach, Professor, Managing Director, ETH Zurich 
Henrik Seide Bayer, Bristol-Myers Squibb and GSK will help you cure your big data headaches and discover the best bioinformatics tools around to apply to your RNA-Seq ProjectsHenrik Seidel, Global Coordination, Bioinformatics, Bayer Healthcare
Patrick Descombes Pioneers from Novartis, Roche, University of Cambridge and ETH will walk you through the transition from microarray to RNA-Seq so you can smoothly integrate the data setsPatrick Descombes, Head of Functional Genomics Core, Nestle Institute of Health Sciences
Edward Oakeley Nestle, Bayer and Science for Life Laboratory will show you what tools are out there and how you can actually apply themEdward Oakeley, Senior Group Head, Next Generation, Sequencing, Novartis

This meeting will help you get to grips with new technologies. Make the transition from microarrays. Make sense of the data that you have.  RNA-Seq Europe is the place to learn, network and develop the means to achieve your goals.

Click here to download the brochure

“That was the best event I have ever attended. I don’t usually consider commercial events but that was very good. You have a committed customer from this point onwards”


Speaking companies at RNA-Seq Europe include:

Speaking Companies

Who is it for?

At RNA-Seq Europe, build relationships with industry peers and future clients by meeting with all the key stakeholders working with RNA-Seq. This means it’s for:

  • Pharma and biotech companies looking to better understand how to overcome current barriers in the methodology and application of RNA-Seq
  • Universities and genome research institutions keen to see their pioneering research being translated into drug discovery and looking for collaborations and funding opportunities
  • Technology companies and software providers who can showcase their latest solutions, embrace this unrivalled opportunity to educate the market to their capabilities and make a claim for leadership in the RNA sequencing space.

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