RNA-Seq – FAES Biotechnology Training Course at the NIH

rna-seqWhat – BioTech 56:  RNA-Seq

When –  March 14-18, 2016

WhereNIH, Bldg. 60, Room 162
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
9000 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20892

RNA-seq or RNA sequencing is a new technology that utilizes the latest in next-generation sequencing approaches to obtain information about the presence/absence as well as the quantity of transcribed RNA (mRNA, rRNA, tRNA, or miRNA). Soon RNA-seq will be transplanting microarrays as the go-to procedure for analyzing the transcriptome of any genome. In this workshop, we will provide hands-on experience with RNA-seq – from the bench to the post-sequencing data acquisition (Illumina NextSeq) and analysis using the latest bioinformatics approaches. With a team of researchers from the NIH, area academic institutions and Illumina, we will cover examples of methodological approaches and applications of RNA-seq analysis to a variety of basic science and clinical biomedical research problems.

Lecture Topics
An Introduction to NGS and RNA-seq; Basics of RNA Sequencing and Analysis; Introduction to Downstream Analysis; RNA-seq Gene Expression Data Analysis Pipeline: Methods, Tools and Issues; Efficient Library Preparation from Embryonic Stem Cells (ESCs); Transcriptomic Changes in Human Brain Development; Bioconductor and RNA-seq Data Analysis; Integrating Gene Expression and Pathway Analysis in Developing Early Disease Biomarkers: A Genomic Approach; RNA-seq and CHIP-seq with Galaxy; Basic Downstream Analysis of RNA-seq and CHIP-seq Data with DAVID and IPA; Metaseq: A Python Package for Integrative Genome-wide Analysis; RNa seq Data Analysis in the Context of Biological Networks; RNA-seq of the Small RNAs of the Nucleolus; Transcriptome Profiling of CTLs using RNA-seq.

Laboratory Topics
Processing of RNA libraries; Load Sequencing Reactions; Recovery of Sequencing Data; Using BaseSpace to Analysis RNA-seq Data; Introduction to Linux, Sed, Awk and Bash Scripting; RNA-seq Analysis with the Tuxedo Package- Command Line

Other topics being considered but not confirmed: Circleator: Flexible Circular Visualization of Genome-associated Data with BioPerl and SVG; BioPerl and SVG 

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