RNA-Seq in the Classroom – Pathways to Undergraduate Research


Carrie Thurber, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton, GA

Modern biology students will be expected to use and analyze whole-genome and whole-transcriptome data sets across the medical, agricultural and environmental fields. I introduce sophomore and junior level undergraduates to these kinds of data in my introductory genetics lecture and lab course. Students spend one to two, 3-hour lab periods working through an online tutorial using the DNA Subway Green Line and analyze publically available RNA-Seq data. Not only can I assess their understanding and ability to think critically about these kinds of data, I also generate interest in further independent student research with the goal of publication and presentation. My current research student is working on a project involving C. elegans neural development.

This workshop was presented at the Plant & Animal Genomes Conference XXIV – January 2016

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