RNA-Seq Presentations from GSK, University of Torino and University of Bath

Just released – an info-filled RNA-Seq Past Presentation Pack. This includes 3 key presentations from the RNA-Seq European meeting.

rna-seqDownload the presentation pack and learn from your fellow peers including:

  • Paul Wilson (GSK), who explores the application of RNA-Seq in support of drug discovery
  • Raffaele Calogero (University of Torino), who discusses enhancing the detection of fusion genes to better understand cancer pathology
  • Mark Lindsay (University of Bath), who examines mRNA and non-coding RNAs as therapeutic targets

These presentation are examples of what to expect at this year’s Boston meeting on June 23-25 which is only six weeks away. Have a look at the summary agenda online to understand how the RNA-Seq industry is overcoming the data bottleneck and enhancing their data analysis and interpretation to drive forward drug discovery and development .

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