RNA-Seq Summit 2016

April 26-28, 2016      San Francisco, USA

RNA-Seq 2016 is a highly focussed meeting dedicated to realizing the practical applications of RNA-Seq to advance our understanding of disease and simultaneously supercharge the discovery and development of novel targets, biomarkers, diagnostics and drugs.

This meeting is designed to exclusively bring together scientists, bioinformaticians and business leaders from academia, biotech and pharma to address critical challenges and discuss the most exciting work in the RNA-Seq industry. RNA-Seq 2016 is your chance to come up to speed with the latest and greatest RNA-Seq technologies and analytical tools, realize the potential clinical applications of RNA-Seq and discover how to utilize single-cell sequencing to unpick the complexity of the transcriptome.

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In an industry that is constantly evolving, the integration and application of RNA-Seq technologies to improve drug discovery and development is gaining significant momentum. Critically, the RNA-Seq 2016 agenda has been designed specifically for the RNA-Seq community by fore-thinkers in the industry, to accommodate and address the wealth and complexity of hurdles facing this thriving technology.

The 4th annual RNA-Seq meeting will showcase the latest advances in RNA-Seq and present the most cutting-edge clinical applications of this technology.

By joining us at RNA-Seq 2016, engage with leaders in the RNA sequencing world to gain unprecedented first-hand exposure to those devising the most innovative  solutions to champion the utilization of this technology to its full potential. Gain insight into the following:

  • Understood how to effectively develop RNA-Seq technologies into clinically applicable tools
  • Engaged in debate with bioinformaticians and biologists to streamline the RNA-Seq process from the bench to the computer
  • Identified how to fully integrate and utilize RNA-Seq in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Harnessed the full potential of single-cell RNA-Seq to revolutionize the way we approach disease research
  • Developed analytical strategies to accurately interpret the vast complexity of the transcriptome and efficiently source the most valuable information

For more information about RNA-Seq 2016, email [email protected].

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