RNA-Seq Summit – 2017

With its case study led agenda, RNA-Seq 2017 will update you on the latest breakthroughs and emerging  RNA based technologies that are effectively being utilized within research, drug development  and the clinic.

Download the full event guide to access the complete agenda.

Designed specifically to bring together expert scientists, bioinformaticians and business leaders, this is your chance to share and address the wealth and complexity of hurdles currently facing this thriving technology. Join your peers to:

  • Evaluate the tools being applied to optimize the integrative analysis of high capacity and throughput studies supporting drug discoveries
  • Debate methods to streamline the RNA-Seq process from the bench to the computer
  • Understand the tools being applied for the successful study of spatial transcriptomics, achieving better resolution of tumour biology, composition and IO interactions
  • Optimize your biomarker discovery through high value RNA-Seq strategies exploring gene expression profiles that detail specific impacts on health and disease
  • Discover emerging trends beyond single cell sequencing and how they are being applied to drug development, research and clinic environments

Engage with our expert speaker faculty, including:

  • Paul Rejto, Executive Director & Head of Translational Research, Pfizer
  • Jin Jen, Co-Director Genome Analysis Core, Medical Genome Facility, Mayo Clinic
  • Paul Kayne, Director of Genomics, BMS
  • Garry Nolan, Rachford and Carlota Harris Professor , Stanford University

Download the full event guide to see the complete speaker faculty.

Don’t miss out on your annual opportunity to collaborate with the RNA-Seq community to advance the application of this technology and realize its full potential.

For more information or to secure your place today, visit www.rna-seqsummit.com or email info@hansonwade.com  if you have any questions.

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