RNA-Seq Summit 2018

24-26 April 2018
San Francisco, USA

Back  for the 6th time, the RNA-Seq Summit provides a vital forum for practitioners to stay abreast of the latest advances in RNA-Seq technologies and analytical tools, and facilitating discussions around key challenges surrounding drug development and clinical applications of RNA-Seq.Harness the next generation of RNA-Seq methods to find the signal amongst the noise when overcoming the analytical and processing challenges of RNA-Seq data, to uncover the next generation of applications.Deepen your understanding of disease biology through optimized application of RNA-Seq methods, and improve your drug discovery, biomarker and clinical applications as RNA-Seq storms into the clinic.This year’s agenda has been designed specifically for the RNA-Seq community by fore-thinkers in the industry with a greater focus on single-cell RNA-Seq, bioinformatics approaches and the clinical applications of RNA-Seq.

What’s new to RNA-Seq 2018?

  • Discover how BMS are carrying out integrated analysis by co-extraction of RNA, DNA and protein from FFPE Tumour samples
  • Gain new insights into RNA-Seq for the study of viral transcripts, data visualization, gene fusion identification and more from companies such as GenetechGSKBMSMerckThe Mayo Clinic and UCSC Genome Browser
  • Explore new solutions to:
    • Roadblocks in applying single cell and other emerging RNA sequencing technologies in the clinic
    • Accurately interpreting the vast amounts of data in unpicking the complexity of the transcriptome
    • Integrating and mining of RNA-Seq data for drug discovery research
    • Novel and innovative RNA-Seq methods to understand the impact of tissue composition and cellular  interactions

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