RNA-Seq technology company one of a record 14 startups to come out of UC Davis in 2015-2016

from the Sacramento Business Journal –

Some 14 commercial startup companies came out of the University of California Davis in its 2015-2016 fiscal year, matching a record set two years ago.

The companies vary from technology outfits to medically-oriented businesses, and they also run the gamut of fledgling startups to enterprises that have raised millions of dollars in financing.

Last year, 13 companies launched out of the campus. Those companies were based on UC Davis research or were formed following some campus event, such as the Big Bang Business Competition. In the year ended 2014, 14 startups launched from the University.

One of this year’s startups was Amaryllis Nucleics — they investigated RNA-sequencing library synthesis for diagnostics, pharmaceutical development and food security.

While at UC-Davis, the founders synthesized, sequenced, and analyzed several thousand RNA-seq libraries. To address the major time and cost bottlenecks they spent two years developing and optimizing a novel approach to RNA-seq library synthesis.

They take advantage of the natural phenomenon of DNA breathing to capture the 5’ adapter. This eliminates several steps which reduces the cost and time for RNA-seq library synthesis. The technology was published in Frontiers, a peer-reviewed open access journal.

(read more about the other startups…)

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