RNA22 version 2.0 – miRNA-MRE predictions

Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University present rna22, a method for identifying microRNA binding sites and their corresponding heteroduplexes. Rna22 does not rely upon cross-species conservation, is resilient to noise, and, unlike previous methods, it first finds putative microRNA binding sites in the sequence of interest, then identifies the targeting microRNA.

RNA22 provides 3 different ways (precomputed predictions, allowing users to submit their own custom sequences, and a full download) to facilitate getting results from RNA22.

Availabilty – RNA22 V2 can be accesssed at: https://cm.jefferson.edu/rna22/

Miranda KC, Huynh T, Tay Y, Ang YS, Tam WL, Thomson AM, Lim B, Rigoutsos I. (2006) A pattern-based method for the identification of MicroRNA binding sites and their corresponding heteroduplexes. Cell 126(6):1203-17. [article]

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