RNASeqGUI: A GUI for analysing RNA-Seq data

Researchers from the Istituto per le Applicazoni del Calcolo, CNR, Italy, have developed RNASeqGUI R package, a graphical user interface (GUI) for the identification of differentially expressed genes across multiple biological conditions. This R package includes some well known RNA-Seq tools, available at www.bioconductor.org. RNASeqGUI package is not just a collection of some known methods and functions, but it is designed to guide the user during the entire analysis process. RNASeqGUI package is mainly addressed to those users that have little experience with command-line software. Therefore, thanks to RNASeqGUI they can conduct analogous analyses using this simple graphical interface. Moreover, RNASeqGUI is also helpful for those who are expert R-users since it speeds up the usage of the included RNA-Seq methods drastically.



RNASeqGUI package needs the RGTK2 graphical library (Lawrence et al. (2010)) to run. This package is open source and is freely available under GPL licence at http://bioinfo.na.iac.cnr.it/RNASeqGUI/Download

CONTACT: [email protected]

Russo F, Angelini C. (2014) RNASeqGUI: A GUI for analysing RNA-Seq data. Bioinformatics [Epub ahead of print]. [article]