RNAseqViewer: Visualization tool for RNA-Seq data

Researchers at Tsinghua University, China have developed RNAseqViewer, a new visualization tool dedicated to RNA-Seq data. The program offers innovative ways to represent transcriptome data for single or multiple samples. It is a handy tool for scientists who use RNA-Seq data to compare multiple transcriptomes, for example, to compare gene expression and alternative splicing of cancer samples or of different development stages.


Availability: RNAseqViewer is freely available for academic use at http://bioinfo.au.tsinghua.edu.cn/software/RNAseqViewer/

Contact: zhangxg@tsinghua.edu.cn

  • Rogé X, Zhang X. (2013) RNAseqViewer: Visualization tool for RNA-Seq data. Bioinformatics [Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]