Roche (RHHBY) Announces Launch of New KAPA RNA HyperPrep Product


Roche (OTC: RHHBY) announced the launch of KAPA RNA HyperPrep product, a robust RNA library preparation solution for a range of sample types and input amounts. These kits provide a single-tube workflow and decrease processing time by 30 percent1 while maintaining quality.

The KAPA RNA HyperPrep kits utilize a novel chemistry that enables the combination of enzymatic steps and fewer reaction purifications, resulting in a truly streamlined solution for the preparation of high-quality RNA-seq libraries. These strand-specific workflows can be completed in a standard workday while generating high-quality libraries from challenging samples such as formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE).

“We are pleased to bring our successful DNA HyperPrep technology to the RNA application space providing researchers high performance in a single-tube workflow,” said Neil Gunn, Global Head of Roche Sequencing Solutions. “With the advancement of sequencing platforms and the wide range of applications being explored by researchers, it is essential to use robust and streamlined methods for sample preparation.”

In addition to a number of next generation sequencing (NGS)-related acquisitions and partnerships announced in the last two years, Roche continues to invest in the development of innovative library preparation products, an important part of an end-to-end sequencing solution. The development of the RNA HyperPrep product line is a result of this investment.

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