rQuant.web: a tool for RNA-Seq-based transcript quantitation

A novel web service, called rQuant.web, allows convenient access to tools for quantitative analysis of RNA sequencing data. The underlying quantitation technique rQuant is based on quadratic programming and estimates different biases induced by library preparation, sequencing and read mapping. It can tackle multiple transcripts per gene locus and is therefore particularly well suited to quantify alternative transcripts. rQuant.web is available as a tool in a Galaxy installation at http://galaxy.fml.mpg.de. Using rQuant.web is free of charge, it is open to all users, and there is no login requirement. (read more… )

Bohnert R, Rätsch G. (2010) rQuant.web: a tool for RNA-Seq-based transcript quantitation. Nucleic Acids Res [Epub ahead of print].