Seeking experienced research technician – single cell sequencing

Are you a motivated and experienced research technician who wants to support our research theme Complex Cell Systems at the Animal Science Department? We would like to get in contact with you.

As experienced technician your main task is to setup single cell sequencing techniques. The ideal candidate would also have experience in the bioinformatic analyses of single cell data or should be motivated to learn these novel skills and techniques. You will work in a team of research technicians and diverse scientists, supporting our research in developing complex cell models. Your work will also involve general lab duties.

This position is part of the Complex Cell Systems investment theme of the Animal Science Department and you will be appointed at Wageningen University at Animal Breeding and Genomics, working in close collaboration with Cell Biology and Immunology and Animal Nutrition. This investment theme underpins the strong motivation within ASG to replace, reduce and refine animal experiments.

More about the project:

Single cell genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics have been shown to be a powerful methods to characterize the cellular composition and complexity of tissues as well as their spatiotemporal organisation. Although organoids mimic the cellular composition of in vivo tissue, specific cell types often are not present. For example, intestinal organoids may not contain immune and neural cells that are usually present in vivo. While immunohistochemical examinations have been used to study the cellular composition of organoids, single cell omics approaches are much more sensitive and enable the identification of rarer cell types present in an organ or organoid, and allow to elucidate cell physiological responses specific for the cell types of interest. Within the program Complex Cell Systems, we plan to implement this technology first by focusing on two different systems: Immune cells and pig intestinal organoids.


  • You compare and refine protocols for single-cell RNA sequencing and other DNA/RNA based technologies.
  • You generate data to compare new technologies; many of these technologies will focus on single cell techniques but are not limited to this area.
  • Perform bench experiments, generate sequencing libraries, and compile other components of the downstream analysis of large experiments for immunotherapy researchers.
  • You conduct literature reviews to assist in experimental design, including the identification of alternate methods.

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