SeqLL Closes Series-A Funding Round for Expansion of Single Molecule Sequencing

SeqLL Inc. raises $1M to expand and improve true Single Molecule Sequencing capabilities with a Series A round led by Genomic Diagnostic Technologies, Inc.

Woburn, MA (PRWEB) SeqLL Inc., the owner of the True Single Molecule Sequencing (tSMS™) technology, announced today the closing of a $1M Series-A funding round. This round of investment, led by Genomic Diagnostic Technologies, will increase the power of tSMS™ technology for scientific and diagnostic applications.

Founded in March 2013 by Daniel Jones, a former Field Application Scientist and Bioinformatics Analyst at Helicos BioSciences, SeqLL has continued to offer Helicos’ sequencing technology, tSMS™, using the HeliScope Genetic Analysis System. This technology emphasizes high quality, precise findings over raw read quantity. The sensitivity and accuracy of SeqLL data is unparalleled, in part, due to the ease of sample preparation that avoids PCR and ligation. Currently, SeqLL processes up to 50 samples per run and accepts any number of samples. This avoids the need for multiplexing, which may cause further degradation of the original signal, thereby distorting the quality of the measurements and resulting in reduced accuracy and reproducibility. Unique in the field, SeqLL tSMS™ is the only sequencing technology capable of Direct RNA sequencing (DRS™).

“This round of investment allows SeqLL to sustain and enhance the tSMS™ technology with the potential to increase read lengths and revolutionize the HeliScope platform,” said Daniel Jones, President of SeqLL. “We are excited to build SeqLL into the premier scientific platform for transcriptome investigation and the sequencing of low quantity samples.”

About SeqLL

SeqLL is an industry leading DNA & RNA sequencing service provider. Utilizing the largest collection of HeliScope Single Molecule Sequencers in the world, SeqLL currently has unmatched capabilities and is improving upon the tSMS™ technology. Among other services it currently offers:

Direct RNA Sequencing (DRS)
RNA Sequencing (RNAseq) & Data Analysis
DNA Sequencing Services

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