Seven Bridges Selected by Pfizer to Support Data Management Solution for Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data

Project Underscores Growing Importance of Efficient Genomic Data Management, Visibility and Retrieval

Seven Bridges, the industry-leading bioinformatics ecosystem provider, is supporting Pfizer in the development of a data management and collaboration solution for the biopharmaceutical company’s single-cell ribonucleic acid (RNA) sequencing (scRNASeq) data. The Seven Bridges Platform is a cloud-based environment for conducting bioinformatic analyses in which research teams can store, analyze and interpret their data. The partnership will introduce avenues to expand Pfizer’s cloud platforms and capabilities, a key component of Pfizer’s integrated digital cloud and advanced analytics strategy.

Seven Bridges will support Pfizer by centralizing and managing terabytes of raw and processed scRNASeq data. scRNASeq data provides detailed analysis of gene expression in individual cells.

“Interpreting large-scale, complex transcriptomics data is critically important for understanding the molecular and cellular basis of disease,” said Enoch Huang, Vice President, Medicinal Sciences, Pfizer. “We are confident that by working with the unique multi-cloud technology developed by Seven Bridges and by benefiting from the depth and breadth of their expertise in bioinformatics and cloud computing, their solution will assist us in maximizing the value of the data we generate.”

Sequencing RNA provides fundamental insights into the regulation of genomes. scRNASeq―that is, when researchers focus on just an individual cell and take a ‘snapshot’ of the gene expression dynamics―yields potentially useful information, but the scRNASeq data carry a very large data footprint.

The Seven Bridges Platform provides a cost-effective, secure, end-to-end, scalable, durable and reliable data storage-and-management solution that increases accessibility and analysis of scRNASeq data across entire organizations and the public domain, ensuring optimal utility of sequencing data, reducing experiment repetition, and saving time and money.

“Seven Bridges believes that genomics—and single-cell RNA sequencing in particular—will continue to play an increasingly vital role in the discovery of novel drugs and vaccines,” said Bill Moss, CEO, Seven Bridges. “We are thrilled that Pfizer has chosen our platform to help the company address these unique data management needs. And we look forward to supporting the development of a scRNASeq data storage solution that meets Pfizer’s research and development requirements.”

Source – PRNewswire

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