Single Cell Discoveries and BioTuring announce collaboration to improve single-cell sequencing research

Single Cell Discoveries and BioTuring announce a collaboration to improve single-cell sequencing research. As part of the collaboration, Single Cell Discoveries will add BioTuring’s single-cell data analysis solution to its single-cell sequencing services. The collaboration aims to close the gap between single-cell sequencing wet-lab services and single-cell data analysis solutions. Starting today, all Single Cell Discoveries’ clients will get free access to BBrowser, a platform for single-cell multi-omics analysis developed by BioTuring.

Single-cell RNA sequencing allows researchers to study the RNA transcriptome of individual cells to find details that are often overlooked with standard RNA sequencing assays. It is applied in many research areas such as oncology, immunology, and neuroscience and has already led to significant scientific breakthroughs. The single-cell field is growing exponentially, with the number of publications linked to single-cell sequencing doubling on average every year for the past ten years.

The analysis of single-cell sequencing can be a challenge. It requires significant knowledge of bioinformatics, which most researchers do not master at the required level. Single Cell Discoveries already provides all clients with a preliminary data analysis and the option to outsource the complete data analysis. However, most researchers still prefer to analyze the data themselves. BBrowser is the perfect solution for this challenge, as it provides researchers with the option to analyze their data without the need to learn code.

“Data analysis is one of the most challenging aspects of a single-cell sequencing project. As BioTuring is at the forefront of making single-cell data accessible, we are very happy with this collaboration. As of now, it will be even easier for our clients to visualize their data in an intuitive manner. The collaboration fits our commitment on providing a complete, end-to-end service to our clients that includes data interpretation.” – Mauro Muraro, CEO, Single Cell Discoveries


BBrowser is a modern platform for single-cell multi-omics analysis. The software allows researchers to visualize and interactively explore their single-cell data in a code-free environment. In addition, researchers can compare and contrast their data against many other published data sets. BBrowser accelerates research, as it powers scientists with state-of-the-art algorithms and tools to analyze their data and draw the first conclusions quickly. Over the past years, BBrowser has been the single-cell platform of choice for world-leading pharmaceutical companies and academic institutes.

Starting today, clients of Single Cell Discoveries will get free access to BBrowser to analyze their single-cell data. For more detailed information on the license, please visit our website.

“Single Cell Discoveries has proven to be a trusted wet-lab partner for many researchers with their single-cell sequencing services. We underscore the importance of empowering scientists to analyze their own data. We are happy the Single Cell Discoveries’ clients will now automatically get access to our advanced data analysis solutions.” – Son Pham, CEO, BioTuring

Source – PR Newswire

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