Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Study Reveals New Innate Lymphoid Cell Subpopulations

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Using single-cell RNA sequencing to uncover transcriptional clusters, a Swedish team reporting in Nature Immunology has identified new sub-populations within at least one group of innate lymphoid cells (ILC), the diverse group of immune cells tasked with maintaining mucosal barriers, contributing to homeostasis, and helping to mediate inflammation.

In an effort to characterize ILC heterogeneity, the researchers did RNA sequencing on hundreds of individual immune cells from the human tonsil region, focusing on non-cytotoxic CD127+ ILCs, and natural killer (NK) cells from another branch of the ILC family with similar but distinct functions and developmental pathways. The resulting transcript clusters coincided with four ILC populations: the ILC1, ILC2, ILC3, and NK cells, they explained. (read more at GenomeWeb…)

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