Stanford Team Employs Illumina Long Reads for Transcriptome Sequencing

from GenomeWeb by Monica Heger

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Researchers from Stanford University have modified Illumina’s TruSeq Synthetic Long Read library prep method to work with RNA sequencing and demonstrated that the technique can sequence full-length cDNAs, including previously undescribed isoforms, with high accuracy.

The researchers call their method SLR-RNA-seq because it is based off of the Moleculo synthetic long read sequencing technology, that Illumina acquired in 2013 and now markets as its TruSeq Synthetic Long Read kit. The technique was published today in Nature Biotechnology.

“The transcriptome is extremely incomplete using present day RNA-seq,” senior author Mike Snyder, told GenomeWeb. “It’s great for getting overall gene expression, but when you break it into bits, you really don’t assemble it back properly,” he said.

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