SYNLAB launches RNA-Seq based bipolar disorder diagnostic test: myEDIT-B

  • SYNLAB’s myEDIT-B is the world’s first blood-based test for the differential diagnosis between bipolar disorder and unipolar depression
  • myEDIT-B allows the diagnosis of bipolar disorder within 24 days, improving the prospects for patients significantly by expediting the process of identifying the disease
  • SYNLAB involved in the whole value chain development of myEDIT-B with diagnostics manufacturer Alcediag, within the framework of the EU funding programme EITHealth
  • SYNLAB’s portfolio of specialty tests targeting mental illness includes myPSY and myBIOME, which are now complemented by myEDIT-B

SYNLAB (FSE: SYAB), the leader in medical diagnostic services and specialty testing in Europe, is marking World Mental Health Day 2023 by announcing the launch of a revolutionary new test for the diagnosis of bipolar disorder. myEDIT-B is the first blood test for the differential diagnosis between bipolar disorder and unipolar depression, signalling a paradigm shift in the identification of this mental health disorder and thus increasing the effectiveness of the treatment approach.

myEDIT-B is the product of a collaboration between diagnostics manufacturer Alcediag and SYNLAB, carried out within the framework of the EU funding programme EITHealth. The innovative test is being piloted in Italy and is available in other countries through the SYNLAB network.

myEDIT-B is a CE-IVD certified molecular test that uses RNA-editing biomarkers. Following RNA sequencing in the laboratory from a blood sample, the myEDIT-B algorithm analyses the RNA editing of profiles of the specific genes involved in mechanisms relevant to mood disorders. The test provides clinically validated results within 24 days, representing a truly radical leap forward in diagnosing the disorder.

Mental health disorders affect an estimated 84 million people in Europe – 17% of the population – with bipolar disorders being diagnosed in 1.3% of the European population. The traditional diagnosis of mood disorders is complex and subject to a prolonged process. At present, the diagnosis of bipolar disorder often extends over several years.

Research* refers to an average of seven years until a confirmed diagnosis is made. In particular, the accurate distinction of bipolar disorder from unipolar depression is one of the most important diagnostic needs. While initial symptoms are similar, both illnesses require different treatments. A major contributor to the long average delay is that an estimated 50% of patients are initially misdiagnosed with unipolardepression. As a result, patients are at increased risk of hospitalisation, addiction, comorbidity and suicide, as well as reduced quality of life.

The myEDIT-B test complements the existing special diagnostics panel supporting the treatment decisions of mental illness. The panel consists of myBIOME, an evidence-based functional analysis of the gut microbiome, as well as myPSY, an innovative pharmacogenetic test profile for psychotropic drugs and antidepressants developed by SYNLAB.

“On World Mental Health Day 2023, we are proud to reveal this huge development in the diagnosis of bipolar disorder and have no doubt that it will have profoundly positive impacts on patients of this disease and their loved ones,” Mathieu Floreani, CEO of SYNLAB. “myEDIT-B once again demonstrates our passion for medical excellence and underscores the value that medical diagnostics and specialty testing bring to patients, physicians and healthcare systems.”


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