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RNA-Seq uncovers secrets to rice growth


from the Indiana Daily Student by Hussain Ather – Volker Brendel, professor of biology and computer science, looks at strings of numbers on a dark computer screen. Behind the data lie the solutions to hunger and malnutrition. At the crossroads ...

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A Comparison of Next Generation Sequencing Technologies for Transcriptome Assembly

De novo assembled transcriptomes, in combination with RNA-Seq, are powerful tools to explore gene sequence and expression level in organisms without reference genomes. Investigators must first choose which high throughput sequencing platforms will provide data most suitable for their experimental ...

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SAT-Assembler – A Scalable and Accurate Targeted Gene Assembly Tool for Next-Generation Sequencing Data

Gene assembly, which recovers gene segments from short reads, is an important step in functional analysis of next-generation sequencing data. Lacking quality reference genomes, de novo assembly is commonly used for RNA-Seq data of non-model organisms and metagenomic data. However, ...

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