Taming the transcriptome with RNA-Seq

Genetic Engineering News – There’s a new RNA-seq in town. Although the old RNA-seq administered a certain rough justice, profiling RNA species well enough to support a relatively crude conception of the transcriptome, the new RNA-seq is more refined. Yet, like the old RNA-seq, the new RNA-seq is quick on the draw. In fact, the new RNA-seq is compatible with the newest high-throughput technologies.

But the new RNA-seq is also bioinformatically up to date, capable of single-cell and single-nucleus analyses, and alert to all sorts of transcripts—even shifty splice variants, unstable pre-mRNA species, and elusive post-translational forms.

The new RNA-seq, or RNA sequencing, is what researchers and translational scientists need to develop a more sophisticated conception of the transcriptome. RNA-seq is characterizing previously unknown cell types and recognizing intermediate developmental states. It is uncovering epigenetic modifications that culminate in cancer. And it is relating the maturation and decay of RNA species to processes that underlie health and disease.

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