Tempus launches standalone RNA sequencing test, xR

Tempus, a leader in artificial intelligence and precision medicine, introduces its standalone RNA next-generation sequencing assay, Tempus xR. xR is a whole transcriptome panel for solid tumors, reporting clinically relevant fusions for more than 100 targeted genes, as well as altered splicing for MET Exon 14 and EGFRvIII.

Tempus has always understood the importance of RNA sequencing data, and has historically performed both RNA and DNA sequencing as part of its standard xT broad-panel assay. Now, each test is available to order separately or simultaneously, and certain Tempus algorithmic tests will be able to be ordered on top of xR. xR is an option for physicians that are specifically interested in RNA fusions or altered splicing, as well as providers, researchers, and biopharma companies seeking RNA sequencing analysis of existing samples.

“RNA sequencing has already been a hallmark of our comprehensive testing solutions, and we’re thrilled to now introduce it as a standalone offering,” said Kate Sasser, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Tempus. “Whole transcriptome RNA sequencing can detect actionable fusions and altered splicing events, alongside detailed gene expression data for research use. Having a standalone option will increase flexibility for our physicians and biopharma partners to address a variety of precision medicine questions.”

With the launch of xR, Tempus’ signature xT assay will now perform DNA sequencing, while xR will perform RNA sequencing for clinical and research use.


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