The Pea RNA-Seq gene atlas

PeaPea (Pisum sativum L.), with its high protein seeds and its ability to establish a symbiosis with soil nitrogen fixing bacteria, is a strategic crop in temperate regions. Moreover, pea is a long-standing model in genetics and physiology. This web-portal provides the first full-length Unigene set expression atlas for pea. Twenty pea cDNA libraries were prepared from different above- and below- ground cv “Cameor” plant organs, at different stages, and for different nutrition conditions. Libraries were sequenced using Next-Generation Sequencing technologies. Sequences were assembled de novo and a full-length Unigene set was produced. The sequencing depth of each cDNA contig relates to the expression level of transcripts. This gene atlas presents the pattern of expression and thus provides useful functional information for each cDNA contig. In the future, new RNA-Seq experiments will be added to this portal to enlarge the atlas’ scope.

The Pea RNA-Seq Gene Atlas is available at:

Full-length de novo assembly of new pea RNA-seq data reveals the complexity of the pea transcriptome, S. Alves-Carvalho et al. in prep.