Top RNA-Seq Articles – 2016

Post Title Categories Views
IntSplice – prediction of the splicing consequences of intronic single-nucleotide variations in the human genome Splicing and Junction Mapping 7,236
Comparative analysis of single-cell RNA-sequencing methods Publications, Reader Conributions 6,479
How many biological replicates are needed in an RNA-seq experiment and which differential expression tool should you use? Statistical Analysis 4,773
Single-cell transcriptomics reveals the dynamics of lineage commitment of differentiating embryonic stem cells Publications, Reader Conributions, Workflow 4,712
Review of RNA-Seq Data Analysis Tools Data Analysis, Review Publications 4,612
UCSF Researchers Discover that Deep Sequencing is Overkill for Many Applications Publications, Reader Conributions, Statisitcal Analysis 4,513
A comparison between PCA and hierarchical clustering Reader Conributions, Statisitcal Analysis 4,471
A survey of best practices for RNA-seq data analysis Analysis Pipelines, Review Publications 4,177

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