Upcoming NIH VideoCast – Coupling Single-Cell RNA-seq with Tracking of Regulatory Determinants Reveals Rare Hematopoietic Transition States

Air date: Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 4:15:00 PM
Time displayed is Eastern Time, Washington DC Local
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Description: Dr. Grimes received his Ph.D. in Molecular Pathology and Immunology studying gene regulation with Maureen Goodenow at the University of Florida, then joined Philip Tsichlis at Fox Chase Cancer Center, cloning novel genes activated by insertion mutagenesis (e.g. Akt, Tpl2). He has a broad background in hematopoiesis, molecular biology, and molecular oncology including modeling of hematopoiesis, myelopoiesis and leukemia. His work on the Growth factor independent-1 (Gfi1) transcriptional repressor protein has spanned the initial identification of Gfi1 in a model of leukemia and the role of Gfi1 in normal myeloid biology, to the identification of GFI1 mutations in patients with severe congenital neutropenia (SCN) and non-immune chronic idiopathic neutropenia of adults (NI-CINA). His work bridges normal hematopoietic development and innate immune action with marrow failure and transformation. His lab does it all! Don’t miss this talk by a dynamic speaker!
Author: H. Leighton Grimes, Ph.D.; Professor, Division of Immunobiology, Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center
Runtime: 1 hour


You will be able to view the event at http://videocast.nih.gov when the event is live.

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