Upcoming RNA-Seq Workshops

October 13-14, 2014:
microRNA Analysis Using High-Throughput Sequencing

October 16-17, 2014:
RNA-seq Bioinformatics: A Practical Introduction

October 20-21, 2014:
DNA Methylation Analysis

October 23-24, 2014:
Discovering standard and non-standard RNA transcripts

Presented by ecSeq Bioinformatics

Public workshops and eTrainings

We develop eTrainings and provide workshops for employee training in bioinformatics. Several times a year, we organize well-attended workshops on selected topics in next-generation sequencing data analysis. Test datasets are used for getting started in applying and developing bioinformatic tools.

Topics covered by our workshops include:

  • RNA-seq bioinformatics
  • Sequencing technolgies
  • Small RNA-seq data analysis
  • Genomic data visualization
  • Perl for bioinformatics
  • Programming in R