Webinar – A new method for RNA-seq library preparation from extremely challenging samples

In this free webinar, Dr. Nathalie Bolduc (Takara Bio USA, Inc.) will present data generated with the newly released SMARTer® Stranded Total RNA-Seq Kit v2 – Pico Input Mammalian (Pico v2), an updated version of our industry-leading solution for transcriptome analysis from challenging samples. The Pico v2 kit is designed to generate Illumina®-ready sequencing libraries from 250 pg–10 ng mammalian total RNA inputs of any quality, including RNA obtained from FFPE and cell-free samples, and provides improved sequencing performance on all platforms.

Topics include:

  • Benefits and challenges of working with total RNA inputs
  • Overview of Pico v2 kit workflow and technology
  • Demonstration of sequencing metrics for a variety of input amounts and types, including FFPE and cell-free RNA samples and intact cells

Webinar title: A new method for SMARTer library preparation from challenging samples

Note – This webinar was presented live on June 6th, a recorded version is now available.

Click Here to View Webinar

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