Upcoming Webinar – De novo transcriptome assembly with RNA-Seq data

Date: Thursday, April 17th
Time: 11AM PST · 2PM EST
Duration: 45 minutes
Title: De novo transcriptome assembly with RNA-seq data: Using the Trinity pipeline to delineate the status of Millepora species in the Caribbean Sea

The Trinity pipeline, developed by Brian Haas from the Broad Institute, consists of three independent software modules (Inchworm, Chrysalis, and Butterfly) that enable the robust de novo reconstruction of transcriptomes from RNA-seq data. Like many bioinformatic workflows, however, its inherent complexity makes standardizing and sharing difficult.

Seven Bridges has built the Trinity pipeline on its platform, enabling members of the research community to either click-and-run the pipeline as-is or to completely customize their de novo RNA-seq workflow. During this webinar, Seven Bridges’ Director of Bioinformatics Lu Zhang will show how the platform eliminates barriers to research by making the Trinity pipeline easily accessible and reproducible.

Following Lu’s introduction to using the pipeline on the Seven Bridges Platform, Professor Nikolaos Schizas from the University of Puerto Rico will provide a case study in de novo transcriptome assembly with RNA-seq data with the nonmodel Caribbean species of Millepora using the Seven Bridges Trinity pipeline.

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