Upcoming Webinar – Improving single cell RNA-seq workflow efficiency to scale clinical research

Single cell RNA-sequencing enabled by 10x Genomics assays allows for deep analysis of the transcriptome of individual cells, uncovering differences in heterogeneous cell populations that are often masked by traditional bulk methods. With high-throughput, single cell characterization technology, clinical researchers can gain crucial insights into mechanisms of disease to enable and accelerate target discovery.

However, retrieving high-quality, viable samples can be a challenge for downstream processing and generation of meaningful transcriptomic data. Clinical research organizations (CROs) provide expertise across the scRNA-seq workflow, including sample prep and experimental execution, enabling pharmaceutical and biotech clients to perform single cell analysis at greater scale, efficiency, and reproducibility.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Advantages of single cell technology versus traditional bulk sequencing methods
  • Recent examples wherein single cell analysis has provided crucial insights into drug development processes
  • Ideal sample types for single cell and single nuclei workflows
  • Benefits of engaging CROs for scRNA-seq on clinical samples

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