Upcoming Webinar – Integrated Multi-Omics Analysis with Strand NGS and GeneSpring – Case Study and Demo


Presented by Agilent Technologies and Strand Life Sciences


Integrating Next Generation Sequencing data with other omics- studies is now possible with release of GeneSpring® 13 and Strand NGS 2.1, opening up newer avenues for analysis and interpretation of NGS experiments. In this webinar, we will demonstrate the new integrated analysis workflow using high throughput microarray and next generation sequencing data. Using a case study the following functionality of the multi-omics approach would be highlighted:

  • Export of relevant information (reads, region lists, entity lists) from Strand NGS 2.1, for import into GeneSpring® 13.0.
  • Create an experiment in GeneSpring® using the Strand NGS data.
  • Perform correlation study and pathway analysis in a multi-omics context

Webinar Details

Sessions San Francisco Time Tokyo Time Berlin Time Mumbai Time
Session 1
18 Nov
8:00 PM
19 Nov
1:00 PM
19 Nov
5:00 AM
19 Nov
9:30 AM
Session 2
19 Nov
6:00 AM
19 Nov
11:00 PM
19 Nov
3:00 PM
19 Nov
7:30 PM
Session 3
20 Nov
8:00 AM
21 Nov
1:00 AM
20 Nov
5:00 PM
20 Nov
9:30 PM



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