Upcoming Webinar – Integrated Pathway Analysis in Strand NGS

Date: 27 August 2014

Presenter:  Dr Veena Hedatale, Senior Application Scientist, Strand Life Sciences


Strand NGS (formerly Avadis NGS) supports functional analysis of entities from diverse experiment types to understand their role in a biological process. This webinar will illustrate various ways of integrating next generation sequencing data from different experiments. With focus on visualization of biological data, analysis steps showing the use of an entity list to find statistically significant pathways will be discussed. The pathways can either be derived from literature (like NLP, MeSH) or curated pathways (like Wikipathways or BioCyc). The webinar will also provide more insights into how one can overlay data from single or multiple sequencing experiments onto the same pathways simultaneously.

About presenter:

rna-seqDr. Veena Hedatale, has a PhD in Plant Genetics from The Radboud University, Netherlands focused on meiosis and recombination. Her prior academic experience at Cornell University was on genetic mapping and gene transformation in Rice. She has worked with Monsanto, and contributed to data mining, database development as well as gene/promoter/pathway discovery for traits related to yield and stress in crop species. At Strand, Veena has worked on Pharmacogenomic analysis of targets and Gene family analysis projects. Currently, she is part of the Strand NGS Application Science team and is involved in the analysis of next generation sequencing data.


Session 1: August 27; Europe +Asia; 11 AM Central European Time (2:30 PM IST)

Session 2: August 27; North + South America; 9 AM Pacific Standard Time (9:30 PM IST)

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