Upcoming Webinar – Optimizing Whole-Transcriptome RNA-Seq with Improved Library Prep and Data Analysis

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Date and time: Thursday, March 16, 2017 1:00 pm
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
Duration: 1 hour


This online seminar will discuss how improvements on the front end and back end of the sequencing workflow can lead to better RNA-seq results.

Our first speaker, Alex Siebold, manager of the North American Genomics Field Applications Team at Agilent, will present a new direct-to-capture library prep method for whole-transcriptome RNA-seq that leverages Agilent’s SureSelect target enrichment technology.

Results from initial studies suggest the method provides enhanced sensitivity to low-level transcripts, fusions, and splice variants in addition to providing greater uniformity of coverage across the entire transcript vs. classical PolyA-mediated library prep strategies.

Our second speaker, Ravi Madduri, CTO at Navipoint Genomics and Senior Fellow at the University of Chicago Computation Institute, will discuss an analytical pipeline that he and his team developed for analyzing gene expression changes and detecting fusion transcripts at the whole-transcriptome level. The pipeline, which is based on the Navipoint Genomics platform and the Cartagenia Bench environment, analyzes all samples in parallel and improves reporting quality with high confidence values and fewer false negatives.

Our panelists will discuss how this combined whole-transcriptome workflow has been tested on high- and low-quality formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded samples and will also provide QC results from a comparison of the Agilent SureSelect RNA-Seq platform with Illumina’s TruSeq chemistry. Agilent’s v6 exome design was processed with the two chemistries and then analyzed and reported through the same cloud-based pipeline.


Ravi Madduri, M.S
CTO, Navipoint Genomics
Senior Fellow, Computation Institute, University of Chicago
Ravi is the Chief Technology Officer of Navipoint Genomics and is a Senior Fellow at the University of Chicago Computation Institute focusing on building innovative large scale data analytics platforms for biomedicine.

Alex Siebold, Ph.D.
Manager of the North American Genomics Field Applications Team
Dr. Alex Siebold received his PhD in Genetics from Case Western Reserve University where he began his career in genetics studying the epigenetic regulation of transcription. Following graduate school, Alex was a postdoctoral fellow at the UNC-Chapel Hill Lineberger Cancer Center in the lab of Dr. Norman Sharpless where he utilized targeted DNA and RNA sequencing technology to identify and characterize non-coding RNAs that interact with key cell cycle regulating genes. Alex specializes in next-generation sequencing technology and has been with Agilent since 2012 as a Field Applications Scientist. He is based out of northeast Ohio and currently manages the Genomics Field Applications Team in North America.

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