Upcoming Webinar – RNA-Seq and Microarray Libraries for Expression Analysis of FFPE and Frozen Tissue

Date:       July 30, 2013
Time:      1:00 pm ET, 10:00 am PT
Duration: 1 hour

Presenting: Dr. John Langmore, CSO, Rubicon Genomics; Dr. Magnolia Bostick, Scientist II in Molecular Biology, Clontech Laboratories, Inc.


The Rubicon TransPLEX® WTA Kit is used for ultra-sensitive and robust expression  analysis of fresh and frozen tissue in research and clinical testing using arrays and PCR.  The ThruPLEX™-FD Kit for Illumina Next Gen library construction is used for WGS, WES, ChIP and other DNA-seq applications, specifically for low input DNA amounts as well as challenging samples such as FFPE tissue. We will show how  to simplify the RNA-seq process using two products that are geared towards sensitivity: Rubicon’s ThruPLEX technologies and Clontech’s SMARTer® cDNA synthesis kits for NGS.

This webinar will discuss:

* Key features of TransPLEX for expression analysis
* Key features of ThruPLEX for DNA-seq of fragmented DNA
* Principles of using ThruPLEX for RNA-seq
* Clontech SMARTer technology products optimized for maximum performance of RNA-seq from low input samples

The audience will gain a better understanding of a range of improved expression analysis tools for array and NGS applications

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