Upcoming webinar series to focus on RNA sequencing and single-cell analysis


Recent improvements in the efficiency, accuracy, and complexity of genomic analyses have been driven by new technological advances. To help dissemination information about these advances, NHGRI and the NHGRI-funded Technology Development Coordinating Center (TDCC) will host a virtual seminar series with industry leaders and genomic technology developers and users. The objective of this series is to provide biomedical researchers and trainees with a fundamental understanding of new genomic technologies, including emerging opportunities and challenges associated with their optimization and use.

The first two sessions on May 17 and 19 will focus on technologies for RNA sequencing and DNA base modification analysis as well as single-molecule protein sequencing. The second set of sessions on May 23 and 25 will focus on advances in single-cell analysis and genome-wide regulatory mechanisms.

Each session will be followed by a roundtable discussion and participant question and answer period. Registration is required.


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