Upcoming Workshop – RNA-Seq data analysis with Galaxy for clinical applications

2019-09-08 –  Add to your Calendar

In this training course, we provide a summary of the applications of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies in the clinical context. These are presented through a hands-on session on RNA-Seq data analysis, following a use case to study a clinical NGS dataset. Leveraging on the Galaxy environment, we guide the participants through all relevant steps for carrying out the analysis, as well as linking the obtained results with current gene-disease-related databases, or other relevant resources to highlight the clinical impact of the technology. Finally, we discuss our audience’s NGS experiments, and provide advice on their NGS data analysis approaches.

Learning goals

  • Get familiar with the Galaxy framework (https://usegalaxy.eu) for carrying out scientific data analyses
  • Learn methods for data exploration and quality control of NGS datasets
  • Get familiar with the concepts underlying genome alignment and data visualization of subsequent results


This workshop is intended for MSc/PhD students, postdocs, and researchers with a background in Life Science research.


Galaxy, Reproducibility, Workflow development, RNA-Seq data analysis, Visualization

Program and training material

The full program and related training material can be found at our course’s page, which we will update throughout its duration, to link to the resources needed for following all sessions.


For registration and details, please visit the GMDS 2019 portal.


Beatrix Behrendt  Email


Fachhochschule Dortmund
Emil-Figge-Straße 44,
44227, Dortmund,
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